Tuesday, July 23, 2013

REAL hunger and hiking pictures

I found myself extra hungry yesterday, which seems to always happen the day after a particularly strenuous activity (like a huge hike). So, I overate a little. No junk and kept it clean and paleo, but my blood sugars were low and my stomach was growling an hour after eating dinner!

I think I am a little more equalized today - that my body realizes I'm not going to march it 10 miles through the forest anytime soon :)

It made me think a little bit about hunger, knowing what is real hunger and what is emotional hunger. There are a bunch of little articles out there on the web with tips on how to identify the difference. Like this one. My hunger yesterday was REAL, it fit this description to a T:

"Real hunger is brought on by a true need for food and develops gradually over time. You can wait to eat if you need to, and once you have eaten until your stomach is full you can stop eating. With real hunger, you feel a need to eat, but not necessarily any one particular food. Any food that you like that is available will satisfy your hunger, and you won't feel guilty after you finish eating."

I would have eaten a raw beet last night if it was the only thing available, haha! I just needed to put something in my body. I ended up eating a mango, three pickles, and drinking a bunch of water (doesn't sound super appetizing, does it? haha).

It felt nice, actually, to feel that hunger. When I am not being SUPER active, that hunger never really appears unless I somehow forget to eat a meal (which is INSANELY rare - I might miss lunch sometimes if I am really busy during the day, maybe). It was a good feeling, knowing my body was burning hard during the hike and even afterwards.

We're not going to get a chance to go on a hike like that for a while - our weekends are BOOKED: two weddings, OUR wedding, our bachelor/ette parties, another music festival, etc. I will have to work harder at doing some big activities during the week - like a long bike ride or something.

I will leave you with some of the best pictures from our Grace Peak hike, starting with ALL THE CRAZY MUSHROOMS WE SAW (these are only a fraction of the mushrooms on that hike!):



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