Thursday, July 25, 2013

So I wanted to share a tip, something I prep every week and do every day. And one of the easiest ways I make sure there is always clean, healthy, paleo food available at a moment's notice - giving me NO excuses to not eat that way!

Early in the week, I make a HUGE batch of some type of ground meat (antibiotic and hormone free!), tons of vegetables and lots of spices - cook it all up in the cast iron skillet till just how I like it. I also pre-roast a lot of sweet potatoes. I throw this all in the fridge, and all of a sudden, there's no more questions about how I am going to eat for the rest of the week.

I might put the mix in with scrambled eggs.

I might warm the mix up and put it over spinach.

Sometimes I just eat it like chili.

Or I'll put it over a sweet potato!

If I am really hungry/snacky - just take a few bites of the mix cold.

It's how I make sure I am constantly and consistently eating protein and vegetables. I make a different "mix" every week to make sure I am varying up my nutrients, but every mix is super nutrient dense, so it doesn't really matter.

I know everyone is different - I read a lot of people saying they couldn't eat the same types of things every day (Oh, I miss Norma) or couldn't live without such-and-such. I used to feel that way too. I used to think I need a selection of a million different things and eat different things for all my meals. After years of telling myself "Get Over It Now," I have learned it just doesn't matter.

Food is fuel!

The only important rule is to make sure you are getting all your nutrients in. And you can do that with a HUGE variety of vegetables and a little bit of some other stuff (differs depending if you are paleo or vegetarian or whatever).

The foods that rotate through my days (obviously I couldn't eat ALL of these everyday) are:

Coconut milk yogurt
Nuts (almonds or pistachios)
Seasonal Veggies (like asparagus, mm!)
Seasonal fruits (right now it is melon and berries)
Sunflower seed butter
Sweet potato
Flax seed milk
Dried figs
Olive or Coconut oil
Some other protein like fish (or just more mix)
Tons of spices: cumin, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, paprika, etc

And a few times a week (but not this week for some reason!), I'll have treats like dark chocolate or some random lovely paleo treat from the co-op.

It's not a huge list.

But it's got everything I need.

I learned to give up the idea that I "deserve" certain types of foods or lots of different types of foods. I get everything I need - protein, fat, carbs and all my vitamins from the above list (though I also take vitamins and fish oil every day).

I definitely have my moments of indulgence (if you read about the other night where I drank four alcoholic drinks instead of dinner, haha - but I came home and ate a cup of mix instead of getting a slice of pizza or finding some cookies!). But those things are for amusement or pleasure. And I've finally realized that. Having a drink or eating cake for a wedding/birthday/etc is for pleasure and I *do* do those things - because I like pleasure!!

The change I have made to be at this weight? Those pleasure moments are not common. Certainly not every day. Sometimes not even once a week. 

I see so many people (who say they are struggling to lose weight) getting take out or eating out once a day or once a week, even. They grab stuff out of the vending machine. Stop for ice cream. A glass or two or three of wine every other night. This all adds up. I used to do this stuff. I was also 20 - 25 pounds heavier when I was.

It's so hard to articulate how DIFFICULT and also how EASY these choices are for me...

It's been such a long process, years. 

Being happy in my life and not looking for it in food? Big step.

Even when I am depressed or just generally sad and still not looking for solace in food? Another big one.

Realizing it's okay to utilize food/drink for pleasure - and learning how to do it in moderation? Still working on it! (Hence this blog post)

Okay, another rambling ramble from me. I have a big to-do list today so I better get on it!!

Love and Light <3

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