Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sometimes there are no words!

Sometimes there are no words that could possible describe an experience. And if there are, I simply do not have them right now.

I got back home before noon today from three days and nights at Camp Bisco. We had perfect weather (no rain, no bugs, no humidity, not too hot, light breezes), perfect music (the Disco Biscuits put on a legendary weekend of music), and perfect friendship and laughter.

There are so many stories, so many memories, and so much happiness in me right now! Totally pleased.

I will discuss eating and whatnot later - today is FOR LIFE, the real stuff that matters: heart and spirit and music and beauty. I will let the pictures give you a glimpse:

Beautiful skies and balloon lines!

One of the dance/dj tents

Can you see the sign? Love it!

the "before I die" board - my favorite is "I will marry my best friend"

Cat totem neighbors in our camping area!

Love the sunset AND the guy with the red mohawk


During Passion Pit

super long glow stick line!

The Disco Biscuits

Lanterns in the sky at sunrise

Feeling great inside and out today -  I will remember this weekend forever (best Bisco yet!). 

Namaste :)

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