Saturday, July 20, 2013

Spamalot, Vegetarian dinner, Weight

Chris and I decided to have a quiet weekend in for our physical and MENTAL health.

No drinking all day at a music festival. No crazy BBQ feasts with friends. No traveling. No packing bags. Sleeping in our OWN bed (which matters since Chris is away Mon-Fri AND we go away every weekend).

Just us, our time, our needs, and what we want :)

And let me tell you - best decision ever. I am so rested and calm and sated this morning.

Last night was date night. We went to a free production of Spamalot in Washington Park (and it was really funny and an overall good show!). I had gone to the co-op and bought us a bunch of vegetarian salads (quinoa/apple/sweet potato, sesame broccoli slaw, tabbouleh, and a beet/bean sprout salad), the Hawaiian coconut pudding, and Moroccan mint tea to eat while we waited for the show to start - have to get there early to stake out good seats!

Vegetarian Dinner!!

Show started just as the sun set - perfect!

The dinner was super healthy, insanely delicious, and reasonably cheap. Add a free show to that (one that made us laugh the whole time), and we were riding pretty high :)

It is nice to do something together and keep it healthy, keep it cheap, and keep it AWESOME!

Doing my body good pays off - big time. Weighed in at 121.8 this morning. I am on a roll, kids. Seriously. It's been five months of slow and steady progress. And I have to be really diligent to get weight off of me when I am already at my lowest weight. I have 1.9 pounds to go to see my goal :)

I slept in late this morning, woke up to Chris having completed almost all the house projects we had on the list for the day, so I made him a breakfast of bacon (nitrate-free!), eggs, mushrooms and onions.

Life is good - because we are MAKING it good. It takes a little bit of effort, but the pay off is incredible. Big smiles today.

Love and Light!

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