Monday, July 1, 2013

Weight update, Choosing activity over food

This weekend was crazy busy with life stuff AND with fun stuff. A lot of weird feelings about my social situation came up this weekend, as well, which I will get into momentarily.

First off - weight is holding steady: 123.6. Happy with that but also going to try and get down one more pound before my dress fitting next week. Not a lot of pressure, a very do-able goal, and will feel very proud. Good all around.

It was another difficult weekend surrounding food with all my friends. Chris and I feel very conflicted because we love all of our friends VERY much, they are some of the sweetest, most loving, generous, funny people in the world. We are beyond lucky to know people with such good hearts.

It is sometimes hard for us to hang with them on weekends, especially, because social times always involve food. Lots and lots of food. And alcohol. Why oh why does being social automatically have to revolve around food?

Most of the people we know go out to eat or order take out twice a day on Saturday and Sunday. So most of the outings available to hang out with the people I really like involve food. And not healthy food - we are talking about pizza or greasy Spanish food or stuff like that. Which Chris and I both agreed- we can't do.

So we didn't.

Everything I ate this weekend was made at home (well, I did go to a friend's house on Saturday night for THEIR homemade dinner, but still made at *a* home!). But I ate paleo and clean and really well, actually, even though I might have eaten more at my friend's house than I would have at home - I still was eating sweet potatoes and pulled pork, not pizza.

And we found ways to hang out with our friends that involved activity and NOT going out to eat.

Saturday, I went to the swimming hole (which involved a small hike to get to) with four other people and had a GREAT time:

Saturday night, we went to see World War Z with two of our other friends (this was after dinner we had at a DIFFERENT friends' house - we completely overbooked ourselves this weekend but really wanted to see everyone). 

But WWZ? How was it? Well, let me say - BRAD PITT. ZOMBIES. Amazing. Well, the movie had a terrible plot with a million holes in it... but BRAD PITT FIGHTING SCARY ZOMBIES. Totally awesome. I was clutching Chris' hand in fear as the zombies attacked and attacked and attacked. The first few scenes were just perfect tension building, something is wrong, Oh. My. God. IT'S ZOMBIES type of stuff. Loved it :D /total geek

Sunday, after an early morning run to the co-op for some gorgeous local/organic vegetables and meat, we went on a hike in the Catskills with some of our dearest friends (we all used to be neighbors, actually):


The friends we went on a hike with went out for pizza afterwards. Chris and I went home and ate spaghetti squash with a veggie-heavy meat sauce (made with our own little hands).

So I am happy. Fulfilled. All my social needs got MORE than taken care of. My body feels healthy. Strong. We focused on DOING things this weekend and not EATING things.

I ate an egg with half an avocado this morning to get my day started off right with protein and fat - so I won't get hungry as I head out to take care of more life stuff and dog stuff.

Much love to you all. Hope things are going well for you!

Namaste <3

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