Friday, August 30, 2013

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Have I posted this before? Oh well, if I have, it bears a repeat :D

We keep a jar of coconut oil right next to the olive oil. We try to use it as often as we can (sometimes a meal or certain flavors wouldn't work with the coconut flavor!). Chris will even just eat a spoonful of it sometimes.

Just a little life update since this is my blog! Weighed in at 119.8 this morning. Deeeelighted! I have to remember this week and how clean, paleo and right on track I was. Ate till satisfied, never more than I needed. Tons of water, no bloating here :D

I went to the salon and got my hair dyed by a professional for the first time - I loved it, even though it did take wayyyyy too long. I know they did all the right things to keep my hair healthy and make it pretty :) I might be hooked!! I just love the color, it looks more natural than it has in 15 years (started going gray when I was 16 - crazy I know, so I've been box dyeing my hair for a long time).

Chris said I look like Jillian Michaels here - a super huge compliment in my world!!

Things I'm looking forward to today: continuing to eat clean and paleo, my daily dog walk, a mani/pedi with a good friend, and Chris coming home and STAYING home for over a week!!!!

Namaste :)

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