Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cravings -> Needs -> What to eat instead

Weighed in at 120.8 this morning. Not quite at goal, but close enough for government work ;) - I can say that because I was a state worker for a while, hehehe.

Had a weird day yesterday. It was raining here, but Koda and I got out for our walk anyway. My knee feels a little twisted up, got to be careful about that. I spent hours on a weird art project I dreamed up for my wedding (it's a surprise, so I'll show you in two weeks!). And just a lot of weird was floating around.

I've been stressed, obviously, but Kelly remarked that she couldn't see the stress in all my pictures (we're facebook friends!) but saw a lot of joy. I think it's really important, even if I am stressed or sad or upset, to fully enjoy every moment I am alive - all the times with Chris, times with friends, times in beautiful places. I won't let the emotions I feel keep me from BEING in life.

I've been around too much death to take this life for granted. No way, no how!!!

I wanted to share with you this little chart one of my friends shared with me. Thought it was pretty cool:

Trust me, I know how INSANELY hard it would be, when you want chocolate, to go search out some seeds and veggies instead. It might be what we should do - but CHOCOLATE. (I'm a chocolate addict... it's amazing I can limit myself to the small nibbles of it that I do get, because my mouth waters just thinking about really good chocolate hahahaha).

But the chart is cool. Gives you something to think about. Your body sends you little cravings for a reason - it actually NEEDS something. In this modern world, all our sensors and receptors are screwed up by the Standard American Diet, so we no longer understand the cravings. We go for sugar instead of spinach or bread instead of proteins.

Food for thought! *pun intended*

I'm feeling sassy this morning. Off to babysit and then take care of some life stuff - going to put off the dog walk to see if my knee feels better later or not!

Peace and Light <3

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