Friday, August 2, 2013

Explanation - what maintenance is for me.

Well, everyone might think I went a little loopy after my post yesterday. But I swear, I am fully hinged :)

It's just that I feel these issues are at the CORE of getting healthy and fit.

Most of us get obese because of emotional pain and the inability to deal with that pain. We eat to soothe something, because we don't know what else to do.

Trauma (losing my mother to cancer at a young age) and the inability to emotionally deal with that caused me to gain weight through my teens till I ended up obese all through college. I refuse to let the newest trauma and emotional pain in my life to cause me to end up the same way. It does a disservice to me, my body, my spirit and the people whose passing caused the pain.

So, yes, I will talk about fitness and nutrition and all of that. But I am also here to talk about your spirit and heart.

I have been going a little extra spiritual lately, but that's because the pain is rising inside of me. I have to experience the pain and think about it and deal with it in order to not become sick because of it.

This is maintenance. This is growing. This is learning not to repeat patterns. This is change.

Weighing in at 122.2 this morning. Good number for me (especially since that time of the month is near). And also proof, that despite sleepless nights and stress and grief crashing over me - I am in control. I am in pain, yes, but that is life and THAT is a hard lesson to learn.

Life is also really beautiful :)

Took the dog for a walk first thing this morning, ate a coconut milk yogurt, and am right where I am supposed to be.

I'll leave you with a little healthy food meme I saw:


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