Thursday, August 15, 2013

Health and Love

Chris came home from traveling so we could have some special time together. We went out to a dinner with ten friends last night at a local place that only does dinner once a week to showcase local, organic farms and foods.

It was amazing!! It wasn't paleo (but not super far off- I only ate once piece of bread and the dessert was gluten free!). It was a predetermined menu and the portions were reasonable (even a little small). We left feeling nourished and NOT over-full.

Today we got our marriage license (it was super sweet and the clerk put on a little ceremony and made us recite promises to each other- we cried a bit!):

We then went and got Chris remeasured for his tux- he's back in the game with me this summer! He's down 2 inches in his waist, from a large to a medium vest, and three sizes in his jacket!!! We are on this train :)

And now we are packing and heading north to a cabin in the woods, where tomorrow about 40 of our friends will join us for Cabinfest, a weekend of music and dancing and laughing.

Here is the happiness I was looking for :) I weighed in today (122) for the sake of it- the dinner did no damage and I plan to come home the same from the weekend!

Health and love abounds right now- I plan to do all I can to keep it going!


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