Monday, August 5, 2013

Last weekend of indulgence for a while!

So, as you all know, this weekend was my bachelorette party. I knew I would drink and I knew I wouldn't eat paleo. I didn't and I didn't even try. I just relaxed and had fun with my friends.

It was a GREAT time - we went to a winery in the afternoon and then hung out at a friend's house where we played a zombie murder mystery game and sang karaoke (don't judge me with my weird bachelorette party - I never claimed to be a normal girl who likes going wild at a bar!). Here's a picture of the girls that made it to the winery (a few people could not do the afternoon party but showed up later at night):

Not behaving

Weighing in at 123.5 this morning, so a pound and a half up from my early weigh in on Saturday. Not the worst. I know it is caused by bloating and inflammation from eating/drinking things that do not heal or protect or fuel my body - they were designed and imbibed for pleasure only, and that's the result!

I'm okay with it, because that was the last weekend I was really going to indulge (until my wedding, obviously - where I will have champagne and eat red velvet cake and filet mignon, muahaha).

This coming weekend is my bridal shower, but it is with my family that I'm comfortable with and I can get away with eating paleo and just having a glass of wine and leaving it at that. No reason to get crazy!

The weekend after is Cabinfest, the little music festival (about 100 people as opposed to the 20,000 people that were at Camp Bisco!) my friends put on - but once again, I can have a drink or two but not get DRUNK and I can choose to eat paleo since I am in charge of bringing my food and feeding myself.

So there we go - excuses over. I will still try to weigh 119 on my wedding day - I also will not be at all hurt if I don't. Four pounds isn't going to drastically change my body shape. And though I am not loving my body this morning because I feel bloated and gross from the alcohol, I can logically see I am in a good place physically :)

No. More. Poison.

The only things that will pass my lips this week are foods that protect and fuel and help my body. No alcohol. No grains. No refined sugars or flours. No chemicals.

Life - it sure does get in the way, doesn't it? ;) But, in reality, I've done a good job this summer - I am closer to 120 than 130 (first time in my life). No shame here, my friends. Just hope :)

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