Monday, August 19, 2013

My weekend, helping friends

Hello to you all after a long silence since Thursday!

I had a very good reason for that silence: I was at a very lovely and rustic wilderness retreat in the Adirondacks and there is no cell phone reception or internet. I had a lot of perfectly gorgeous mornings in a small cabin with Chris and Koda, lots of hikes to a lake for Koda to go swimming, and am so at peace with the great time we had. On Friday, Cabinfest began, and 50+ people joined us (in OTHER cabins, hahaha, or camping) and we listened to great music and had lots and lots of silly times together.

I will post pictures and details later (I woke up at noon today because I got very little sleep on Friday and Saturday nights - we stayed up late and Koda wanted to get up early for hikes!!).

So while my spirit and body feel great right now, my heart hurts a little because while we were gone, our friends had a house fire. The upstairs is burned and the rest of the house is water/smoke damaged. Their cat passed away, as well :( These people were SO loving and helpful to me when my life got turned upside down by my dad's death last year, and I want to make sure they can get back on their feet. Us and other friends/family are giving them money/clothes/etc directly, but we've started a "kickstarter" of sorts to make sure that months from now, when everyone else is getting on with their lives, these people still have all the help they need.

Take a look, and help if you can:

Thanks so much, I will catch up on your blogs when I can!!

<3 Namaste

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