Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sugar, continued

I got some comments on my last post. Mostly people in the process of getting sugar out of their lives or people urging me to get sugar out of my life (not just the big, bad processed sugars!).

Well, I am pretty much in that camp of people who have ALMOST gotten sugar out of their lives. My daily diet looks insanely different from almost everyone I know in real life. I truly do follow the paleo template in my day to day eating (excluding things like bridal shower cake!): meat, eggs, veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds. Even though I technically say it's okay for me to eat honey and maple sugar, I rarely do - but those ARE the sugars I turn to when I do have sugar.

We will never get sugar COMPLETELY out of our lives, because of things like fruit that do have natural sugars. I will never not eat fruit, haha :D

But I do eat chocolate bars. They are always very heady (our way of saying the ingredients are whole, clean, organic, natural) but do have added sugars, obviously.

Right now, I have absolutely zero desire to cut chocolate out of my life.

I do have a desire to limit it, though, because the calories used on chocolate are a little bit wasted - I could have eaten a huge salad and eggs with the calories instead. I get that. Just not there yet!

Not ashamed of that, either. My diet is extraordinarily clean in all ways except for that. I'm the healthiest and lightest I've ever been. Everyone's got their own path!

I saw a HUGE difference in my life when I got grains/dairy/legumes out of my diet. That's something I won't compromise on. But that chocolate is hanging around :D I DO get it, but it's also a choice I make. It's weird - we all know how we could eat perfectly, but so few of us do.

Just a photo check in to show you all that I am not over-doing it on the sugar front!!

Rainy day here in the capital district - going to babysit, take care of some things, bring my dad's car (which we are STILL stuck with because we STILL haven't gotten the title in our names because the estate is in a holding pattern) in for some servicing, eat my normal paleo foods, and hope the rain slacks up before I take the dog on a walk!

Namaste <3

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