Thursday, August 8, 2013

The small things: salt

Thanks to everyone for the support yesterday! This month is going to be a toughie, so many emotions, so much crazy. And the thing I CAN control is my weight - and when that goes wrong, I get a little down. But I am glad I stay accountable and have people to talk sense into me so I don't become a hugely disordered mess!

So I saw this little informational meme today that I wanted to share with you about the dangers of salt. I think we all know by now the dangers of having too much salt in our diets - but do we often stop to think about where we are getting our salt from (which foods have the most) and what KIND of salt we are eating (lots of salt in this country is highly processed).

Chris and I rarely ever add salt to our foods (pre or post cooking!) and, when we do, we have pink Himalayan rock salt that we use. We have trained our palates to not need a ton of salt - I think the one time we do use it is when we have grass fed beef burgers and we put a pinch of salt and pepper on them (PERFECTION - mmm, favorite way to eat beef).

What I thought was interesting was that bread has SO much salt and it's highly processed (and dangerous!). I am pretty glad I just don't eat bread or bread products anymore. It messed with my weight and health way too much.

I still am not perfect with my clean eating (hello wine) but getting better every day, with everything I learn. Learning to eat cleaner and then implementing that information is the key -- I want to protect this body of mine as best I can. I want to be around for a long time and I want Chris to be around for a long time :)

I wrote my vows yesterday so I am feeling extra mushy about him, hehe.

Stay safe, take care of your mind, heart and body today!!


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