Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tough skin, girly hands

I was a field archaeologist for about five years - had tough hands, hands meant for menial work!

Today, I raked the yard clean of acorns (I have some mutant oak tree with 5 billion acorns above my front lawn), swept them into a pile, bagged them up - BLISTER. Wah. That used to never happen, my skin used to be so tough.

My metaphorical skin is still tough, though, no worries :D

I am just surprised by how quickly things go soft if you don't use them! Same with a lot of things, mental and physical. Got to keep on top of this stuff, you know?

I think I am going to fully indulge in being a girly bride for the next week and a half though - I am getting my hair professionally dyed tomorrow, a mani/pedi on Friday with my friend, tips added to my nails next Wednesday, ANOTHER pedicure the Friday before my wedding, and then pampering and hair/makeup the morning before my wedding.

I sort of like the soft romantic image of a traditional feminine bride ;) I've never been traditionally feminine or soft, always more of the tomboy. But I am going all out for this, and totally giving in to it, too!

But when it's over - back to the grind!! I want my tough hands back, got to get back to seriously weight training for that.

Eating has been going great: three meals and a snack every day of clean, whole, paleo food. And it's been 80% protein and vegetables (no more relying on fruit and chocolate for my calories haha). Lots of water.

Life goes on.

Namaste <3

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