Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weight, recuperation, acceptance

Still trying to get in the swing of things after a crazy, mind-bending, roller coaster of an amazing weekend. Slipping back into normal life is hard. I did read all of your blogs, but could only comment on a few, as my mind is a little wonky-exhausted.

I got a lot done for my life, yesterday. Lots of errands, lots of wedding stuff.

However, I barely drank any water yesterday. Gah.

I also had a weird eating day - banana with sunflower butter when I woke up (at noon, good gracious), a lara bar for a snack, and a sushi roll for dinner. Coffee in there, too.

I weigh 124.4 today.

I am POSITIVE I am holding on to water weight since I didn't drink enough water yesterday (or all weekend). But the alcohol and veering off paleo I did on Saturday surely doesn't help. I'm also breaking out like crazy on my face because I ate/drank a bunch of wheat-based things. Not exactly the look I am going for.

My little calorie counter/fitness/etc app on my phone tells me I can only eat 1050 calories a day if I want to hit my goal at my wedding.



Okay. That's obviously not going to happen.

The plan is to eat more like 1600 calories a day, drink tons of water, and do some serious cardio every day.

I'm still kind of fuzzy and confused, trying to catch up on sleep and whatnot. But I am going to attempt to be as healthy as possible and as accepting of my body as possible.

Bear with my, friends. I feel a little bonkers. Will be further back on track tomorrow :D


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