Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Went out for dinner last night with Chris and his parents - I wanted to spend time with them to let them know how grateful I was for everything they did to throw such a beautiful wedding for us!

I shared a beet, walnut, and gorgonzola salad with Chris for an appetizer, and ate a filet for dinner (I told them not to give me the risotto that came with it, but to add steamed veggies instead!). Lovely dinner, not 100% paleo, but not crazy, either - and still REALLY tasty.

We took the dog on a long, long walk today - got coffee, saw a friend, and enjoyed the sunshine :)

This is life, for me. Balance. Walking with those I love, using my body to experience this world, enjoying delicious food and drink, but taking care of my health and my fitness.

We can't always have it all, but we can strive for the balance among all the good things we need and want!

My family :)

Our city has some lovely little hidden gems, like this pathway!

My still-indulgent but still-reasonable dinner out!

Namaste <3

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