Thursday, September 26, 2013

Eating cake, Weighing in, Planning another hike

I had quite the off plan night last night at my friend's birthday. I also had an amazingly fun time and am feeling pretty happy today :)

Weighed in at 120.8, despite drinking pumpkin beers and eating birthday cake and cheese!

Back to normalcy today - drinking lots of water this morning, clean and paleo food, and dog-walking/yoga. Not letting the cheats steamroll me into more off-plan behavior today. I had three drinks last night, so that's the only day I'll be drinking this week, which is fine by me. I had enough fun last night to last me the week, haha :)

We have plans to wake up at 4 AM Saturday morning to meet Chris' dad for a High Peaks hike, so I obviously won't be partying hard on Friday OR Saturday - it will, by necessity, be a weekend focused on good sleep, eating well, staying hydrated and hiking. I think that's why I let myself let go a little bit last night...

Something to know about me: I LOVE, love, love, love being social. I love my friends. I love getting super silly and laughing all night with them. It's my absolute favorite thing to do in the whole world. Making relationships, making memories, creating bonds - it's the most important to me :)

So, I also love to fully throw myself into a social gathering, and I easily get caught up in the flow of the group. So, for me, I think I am doing a good job at balance and only drinking/eating with my friends once a week. It's tough to know when to draw the line. But this is something, for my life's pleasure (and pleasure IS important to me), that I don't think I will be changing any time soon.

Well, maybe next year.... Chris and I are going to consider children next year, so when that becomes an option, I will obviously scale down hard. But till that time comes, I am going to fully rage this life :)

I'm not a perfect role model for clean eating and paleo. But I am making it work in this life I live. I'm STILL 120 pounds (I am over the moon happy about this), putting 90ish% clean and whole foods into my body, being active with my husband and dog, and still reveling in all the joys life has to offer.

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