Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting back into the groove..

I haven't gone completely off the rails, but I definitely gave myself a LOT of slack last week (starting on the 6th with the rehearsal dinner).

This summer has been about moderation and being in control - about not turning to food/alcohol with all the stress of the wedding and the upcoming anniversary of my dad's passing and my joblessness, etc, etc.

But the wedding came and went, joyfully!, and I just... relaxed. It was like a weight off my shoulders. And relaxation was key. It was tough to start to relax, last week started off rocky (Chris and I were exhausted, had a funeral to go to, etc) but I finally began to mellow. I had a lot of evenings full of friends, and drink.

I hung out with friends four times in the last 7 days, and have let myself drink and eat a little extra (still trying to stay clean and paleo, but definitely eating for pleasure a little more than just fuel!). We DID hike 12 miles on Saturday, so that is a step in the right direction, haha.

I am up to 121.2 pounds. No big deal. But I know how easily weight can start to trend up. It's best to just nip it in the bud before it gets out of control and all of a sudden I am 10-15 pounds heavier.

I just so badly want to just MELT into my bed and completely relax. But it is difficult. This is life, after all, and there is always something else to do or to get done, you know? Just got to accept it and move on!

Back to doing my daily yoga (something I let slip the past couple of weeks), my dog walks, my same-every-day meals. Limiting drinking, for sure.... it is SO easy to let drinking get out of control for me. I LOVE pumpkin beer!

Side note, speaking of pumpkin beer: FALL IS HERE! FALL IS HERE! Chris and I had a lot of fun talking about all the things we love about fall while on our hike. We were hiking in 50 degree weather and the leaves were turning! So, what I love about fall: HOODIES, autumn leaves, cozy fires, fluffy blankets, scary movies, it gets dark earlier, HOODIES, pumpkin pie, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin beer, PUMPKINS, hot cider, apple season, HOODIES. (can you tell fall is my favorite season?? :D)

Back to normal posting: Survivor starts this Wednesday (and if you know me, my friends and I love to get together and bet on Survivor and scream at the TV every Wednesday - it's a gathering with snacks and drink and laughter). I am NOT going to drink. I drank last night, so this is a good start to remind myself that there is no reason to have alcohol with every single social event!

I also am trying to get back into blogging mode. I am reading all your blogs, but my commenting has slacked. Will get back on track soon :)

Namaste <3

I am a wolf bride - and my spirit hood (the wolf hat, hehe) will be coming out a LOT this fall!

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