Sunday, September 29, 2013

Great shopping trip!


4 organic pears
3 organic onions
1.5 pounds of organic coffee
2 avocados
3 sweet potatoes
1 acorn squash
2 cans organic coconut milk
2 zucchinis (green and yellow)
4 organic tomatoes
Carton of flax milk
2 packages of organic frozen vegetables
1 small bag of organic snap peas
2 HUGE bunches of organic kale
1/2 pound spinach
6 coconut milk yogurts
2 jars organic salsa
1/2 lb wild caught swordfish
1 lb free range/no hormone ground chicken
1 Whole chicken (from same people)
1/2 pound mushrooms

The cost? 70 bucks (it would have been 60 but the coffee was just over 10 bucks). Going to feed us for the week!! (we might need to get one more pound of meat, but I can get that for ~4 bucks).

Choosing organic/free range/etc over conventional products is more expensive, but I have a grocery budget for two people of about 80 bucks a week and I can always feed us for that (and we buy paleo, so that increases the prices as well -- no cheap rice or beans for us anymore, rats!).

Off to paint our front porch (going from a maroon-ish color to forest green, big change!)

Have a gorgeous day, everyone :)

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