Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How I'm Feeling, Small recap

What a roller coaster of emotions, so much happening:

- Chris left to travel for work for the rest of the week (sigh - bye husband!!!)

- I am still riding very high from the love I felt and was shown all weekend

- Experiencing cravings like never before from having eaten items like pizza or cake at least once a day for the past five days!

- Always terribly aware of this date - I know there have been lots of huge tragedies worldwide and through time, but being a New Yorker and of this generation, it is all just still so real.

So much to think about, so much to do. Still got to get my life put back together after the wedding (the dining room, aka. the staging area for the wedding, is a disaster area!). Still haven't unpacked my bags, hahah. And got to figure out if I am going to try and get my wedding dress clean (trashed it!). The house needs cleaning. Got to get back in the flow!

I am still reeling from the weekend. It was amazing. And I got everything I wanted: all my friends and family had an amazing time, huge smiles, and danced like maniacs!!

The ceremony was gorgeous, a fire was crackling in the fireplace of the Adirondack church, the flowers were stunning, our friend was a perfect officiant (his voice even cracked as he tried not to cry in his opening lines, it was so lovely and I will never forget that!), our groomsmen did an emotional and energetic acoustic performance of Mumford and Sons' "Sigh No More," and Chris' vows reduced me to a blubbering mess (seriously they were so amazing that a lot of people asked me for a copy of his vows afterwards)!

Two cute moments:

- Our officiant was about to go into a little talk about love/marriage and asked if we were marrying the wrong person... he paused and looked at Chris, who didn't answer and then me, and I kind of shrugged and said no! He told me it was a hypothetical question and Chris knew it was coming... but I didn't know, so I answered, and that got a laugh from everyone, too.

- Instead of the normal "I Do"s, I yanked a little piece of the "Game of Thrones" dialogue and used these words: "I am his and he is mine, from this day, till the end of my days" (replace her and she for Chris!)... and when I was saying "he is mine," I got a huge laugh from the audience and I am not even sure why - I think I was too excited, hahahahha.

I heard over and over that our ceremony was unforgettable and beautiful - and that a lot of people walked out of the church a little dumbfounded and not talking for a while!! It was a strange compliment to get over and over that it was someone's favorite wedding they had been to (this before they even got to the reception!) but I made sure to graciously accept the compliment (I don't always accept compliments well).

There were lots of sweet moments, lots of laughs, and lots of tears at the ceremony. I can't wait to get the video our friends' shot for us! I really felt comfortable and happy up on that altar. It was just like I imagined: I was totally IN the moment, completely there, and NOT worrying about how I looked!!  I stood up straight and got to be wholly myself. It was amazing and worth all the effort this past year :)

Now, I have some work to do to get over these craving for SWEETS, SWEETS, SWEETS, BREAD, BREAD, BREAD. I don't regret a single thing I ate this past weekend - it wasn't crazy, but it wasn't exactly healthy, I wasn't destroying my body with food and alcohol, I was just enjoying my festivities. My once in a lifetime celebration :D

Sidenote: I only had two drinks at my own reception! I was so HIGH naturally on endorphin and adrenaline and all those amazing natural chemicals that occur when you are truly, truly happy that I didn't need anything!

So that's a small recap of the ceremony for you, and me letting you know that I ate all those things I haven't eaten for months and months (and suffering a bit of an upset stomach in return!). More to come, I'm sure, as I gather my thoughts together!

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