Thursday, September 12, 2013

No Weighing and Detox-ing

So, first of all - OUCH. My stomach hurts. It's been hurting slightly (not too bad, but noticeable) since I had my first piece of pizza on Friday night. I tried to be as moderate as I could - but I was having fun, not being paleo, eating all the celebratory things through the weekend.

Now - I feel addicted!! Like I cannot stop eating JUNKY JUNK FOOD!

I was very good yesterday, ate my normal food, then went to hang out with people and ate like three serving of Doritos.

Never mind the weight gain, my stomach just hurts and the rest of me doesn't feel good. Bloated, lethargic, achy, gross.

I decided I am not going to weigh myself until well into next week. Give me a chance to get back on track, so that even if my weight is high, I am feeling good about myself and what I am doing. Also give me a chance to get rid of some of the bloating, so that the weight is my actual weight and not inflammation!

No reason to torture myself with the weight I gained on my wedding weekend.

It is just amazing how quickly I get re-addicted to pizza, cookies, chips, etc. I guess I never got un-addicted, though, huh? It's a life long thing I will be dealing with! I have to go back to being very purposeful and very mindful with the food I put in my mouth.

I need to detox and get all of this stuff out of my system, get back to normal. I miss feeling good! I feel like I used to feel my whole life (during my obesity) - it surprises me I didn't even realize back then how bad I felt. Now, in stark contrast to several years of eating clean and paleo, I really notice the differences.

So, yep, I will continue to look at my wedding pictures and grin, grin, grin at how HAPPY we all were that day. How beautiful I felt. How lucky I am. I will get back on track, get my body back where it feels good, strong and healthy, but I won't obsess over the week of bad eating. It's done and I have no regrets about the amazing times I've had :)

I don't want to leave you with the impression I regret anything. I absolutely don't. Wouldn't change a thing. But I DO also realize how important for my physical and mental health it is to stop eating crap! Project detox is on!

Love to you all <3

Ate pizza here - also was with the love of my life, family and friends!!

Was drinking wine right before this - also was with my closest girls and anticipating the happiest moment ever!

Ate this cake - FOR DAYS! Would do it again :D

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