Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Not letting the train derail!

Back to 121!

I gained this past weekend (up to almost 124 from 119). For a variety of reasons. I drank beer. I ate salty food. I went off paleo. (I didn't indulge in any of these things TOO heavily). Also, I hiked 18 miles and got really swollen.

But, I am back in my happy weight zone, which is nice.

All it took was TWO days of getting back to paleo, my light exercise routine, and drinking lots of water.

I didn't eat 17,000 extra calories to make me gain five pounds. I was inflamed, bloated and swollen from salt, alcohol, and grains! It's easy weight to get off if you catch it in time.

So the take-away lesson from all this for me: it's okay if I go off the rails a little, once in a while. But I have to throw the brakes on hard and not let it become habit!

It's okay for me to have some beers with friends on an emotional weekend. I try not to NEED substances to help me relax, but life is really, really, really hard and I like that I can give myself permission to drink once in a while. If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know that alcohol was really getting in the way of my weight loss.

So, I am a little tougher on myself. If I drink 2 - 4 drinks in a night, then that is the only night I will be drinking that week! If I have a glass of wine with dinner one night, I'll have another glass another night.

Just trying to find that age-old balance, is all :)

I plan to have a pumpkin beer tonight (oh, dear, pumpkin spices are the best ever and makes me love, love, love fall!) when I get together with friends to celebrate a birthday. Making room in my calories for it today :)

Alright, off to go run some errands, write a syllabus, write some thank you notes, and then head out to the party. Namaste, my friends <3

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