Thursday, September 19, 2013

Not that hard???

Still weigh 120.2! It's really great. 

But I don't know if I'm a great role model for maintenance??

I'm not trying very hard. I am just living my life, following the habits I spent YEARS creating, and it's just.... so easy, right now, in a way I never expected.

I expected to be coming on here after my wedding, telling you about how I was struggling to maintain my weight, how hard I was working, etc, etc.

But I think the hard part was learning the habits, the habits themselves are easy!

Walk a lot, stretch a lot, track my food/food journal (I think this is a HUGE thing that keeps me on track), eat moderately, eat mostly clean and mostly paleo, let myself have some treats, alcohol once or twice a week, no junk food, no processed food, get in as many vegetables as possible.

And now that I am back into the hiking on the weekend swing, I am not worried about my lack of gym time. Hiking (the way we do it - pretty rugged High Peaks!) is a full body strength workout. I work on my muscles lightly throughout the week - pushups/squats/planks/lunges/etc whenever the mood strikes me (which is about 2 - 3 times a week).

Is THIS true weight loss? I lost the weight over a period of many years, but this us the first time I've felt I really LOST the weight, if that makes any sense! All those years doing the work, I'm finally reaping the benefits! 

I wish I had bigger insights for you guys!

So it's just life, now. I will let you know if this plan of kind of just relying on my good habits starts to fail. But for now, it rocks :)

I'll write tomorrow about my thoughts on food tracking/journaling - I struggle with the idea that I will need this tool for the rest of my life! But that's tomorrow, things need doing today :)

From our registry, we got new kitchen storage (I LOVE IT) and new dishes:

So neat and clean! We even have an extra shelf with nothing on it - YAY

Also neat and clean - I can get to all my dishes finally!

Pretty patterns to look at while eating :D

Namaste, friends <3

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