Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What Works For me

This is a strange feeling - feeling like I found a place where I am maintaining my weight. I weighed in at 120.4 today. This is a weight I have been battling to get to my entire adult life, and now, all of a sudden, I find it easy to stay there?

An awesome blogger I read, Karen, often puts in her blog posts what works for her and what doesn't. So here it is, in bullet form:

What works for me:

  • eating CLEAN (no processed foods or chemicals)
  • eating organic/no-antibiotic/no-hormone foods as often as possible
  • eating at least 90% paleo during the week
  • walking ~3 miles a day with the dog
  • stretching/yoga/light body weight work during the day - whenever the mood strikes me
  • eating 1800 (give or take 100 on any given day) calories
  • limiting alcohol to once or twice a week
  • giving myself my little treats I love (dark chocolate, ho!)
  • weighing every day/every other day

What doesn't work for me:

  • eating grains, ESPECIALLY processed bread products
  • eating anything with unpronounceable chemicals in it
  • eating high fructose corn syrup
  • choosing inactivity

I truly believe that the fact that most of my food is clean, organic, and paleo helps me to maintain this weight. At 5'4, I am 120 pounds - it's not crazy, it's not super skinny, but when I was obese, it was an impossible dream. Of course, when I was obese, I was eating french bread pizzas, drinking soda, and never even taking a walk.

Very different life here!

Peace and Light to You :)

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