Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When to go off plan!

I weighed in at 118.6 this morning. I've lost almost ten pounds since the beginning of summer. And I will pat myself on the back and say that was no small feat!!! 

Moderate portions, focus on lean meats and vegetables, fruit and nuts as snacks. I did not drink much this summer, and when I did, it was at a wedding or a music festival... I never drank just to drink or at a little social gathering. That stuff adds up like crazy.


Last night, my brother got into town. We don't see him too much, he lives in a different state and has a really busy job. (Also, a new girlfriend, oooooh). He's in town to take care of some estate stuff with my dad and for the wedding! He invited us out to dinner....

Of course, I said yes!!!

I had almost 800 calories saved up for dinner, anyway, and knew if I wanted to, I could make a great choice at this restaurant we were going to. They are a kind of "New American" style place. Awesome burgers, artisan pizzas, unique sides, good pasta, and some fancier fish or steak dinners.

I ordered the grilled Ahi tuna and shrimp meal, it was over a bed of couscous with an avocado and tomato relish.

It was STUNNING. And because the seafood was grilled, it wasn't soaked in unnecessary sauces or oils. The relish was super fresh and lovely. And the couscous was really nice, too, with some sort of a citrus and herb marinade. 

I had the opportunity to order any of a bunch of things that could have derailed my night (I looooove their pizzas!!). Instead, I had a really lovely, super tasty, and kind of special dish that was naturally very lean and full of protein (which fits perfectly into what I am doing right now anyway)! 

The lesson? I went off plan. But it was insanely WORTH it. And none of it was junk that would hurt my body, anyway. I see people go off their plans all the time... and to me, the splurges or indulgences are not worth it. Store bought cookies or fast food hamburgers, etc. My general rule is that when I go off plan - it is going to be really special, high quality food prepared by a skilled chef who knows how  to bring out all the flavors to their utmost! I still adhere to my general mantra: things I put into my body should not hurt me. So this eliminates processed crap with chemicals from being part of my "off plan." 

I did go a little further and have a glass of chardonnay. Ohhhh, wine! How I love wine! It's amazing I've been so moderate with it this summer, especially with all the stress of the upcoming wedding. I only had the one glass and will wait till the wedding to drink again. But it fit into my calorie goal, because the dinner I ordered was so lean :)

Don't go off plan for oreos or pizza or other crap -- wait for the special, lovely meals!!

Chris and I took a long walk with Koda after dinner, to sort of get our metabolisms going and help the digestive process. Neither of us were overly full, but it was a richer dinner than either of us are used to. It was my THIRD long walk of the day. :)

Yep, feeling great that I went out to dinner, was treated to something special, and even had a glass of wine but still lost weight. Gives me alllllll sorts of hope!!

Going to babysit this morning, then go get pampered and beautified a little at a nice spa in town, then finish packing because I leave TOMORROW for the town I am getting married in (holy crap).

Namaste - be good to yourselves <3

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