Sunday, June 8, 2014

Miss anything? Sunday round up 8 June 2014

Miss anything?

As not everyone may have a chance during the week to read every post, here’s a summary of the week that  was on Lean Green and Healthy !

Topical posts:

Stop dieting now. PLEASE! 
Juices, smoothies or plain old fruit and vegetables?

Need some motivation? Quick thoughts from me to you:

It's okay not to be perfect
Relax, its Friday! Just don't relax too much .
Focus on the journey NOT the destination 

Great videos to watch:

Weekend flicks: How cooking can change your life (Michael Pollan)
Weekend flicks: Making homemade nutella (Dr Yoni Freedhoff)
Weekend flicks: teach every child about food (Jamie Oliver)

Need some culinary inspiration? Here's this week's recipes:

Recipe- chicken cacciatore
Recipe - healthy pizzas with flatbread or eggplant
Recipe - light and tasty beef stroganoff

Need some light reading? Health news from the net:

Health news from the net 2 June 2014
Health news from the net 3 June 2014
Health news from the net 4 June 2014
Health news from the net 5 June 2014
Health news from the net 6 June 2014

Hope this week is a wonderful one!

Lyndal @ Lean Green and Healthy

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