Wednesday, January 14, 2015

All Clear!

I got the all clear from the radiologist today :)

It's nice to just completely erase that scary possibility from my mind for a little while! I know I will have to continue to do self exams and to do my yearly exam, but for now, I am just enjoying knowing I am cancer free :)

I am also down about a pound from yesterday. Body healing up nicely as I continue to treat it well. It really is a simple formula - just strangely hard to follow, at times! But the process is well ingrained in my brain and I always come back to it easily. I think that is why I spent so many years being so strict with myself... to make this all just second nature.

I am on my own tonight. Chris is traveling, just until tomorrow, though. Easy enough for me - I'll make eggs for dinner, dirty just the one pan and plate, and have a really easy clean up. All of our messy food prep was already done for the week, I went on a house cleaning spree last night, so it leaves no chores for me tonight. Just dog and cat cuddles. Perfect.

We are battling negative temperatures in NY right now - meaning I simply am not getting my 10k steps in. I still walk (usually outside!) on my work breaks, but sometimes have to cut them short due to absolute below freezing temps. Also, no extra walks with the dog, no walking to friends' houses, etc. But the weather won't stay like this forever, so just a week or two of 6-8k steps rather than 10k won't kill me! I am trying to make up for it by doing some extra at-home, body-weight workouts while I watch evening shows.

That's about it for me :) Have a great day <3

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