Saturday, January 17, 2015

Celebrating a Birthday

It's my husband's (Chris) birthday today!! I'm beyond lucky to have him in my life. He supports me in all things and is the best partner I could ask for. We see eye-to-eye on so many big and small things. We are best friends :) he is my heart!

He is hiking today to celebrate, his #1 favorite thing to do- but had to leave the dog home because, with the windchill, the temps are going to be dangerously low for a dog. I'm staying behind because.. 1- I don't like being out in those low temps! 2- my grandma did just pass, and I wanted to be in town for my family 3- I'm getting the house ready for a party tonight!!

I'm cleaning and went shopping for drinks and food (also running several other errands that didn't get taken care of during the week!). Between errands and my dog walk, I've already hit 12,000 steps by 2 PM!

I'm doing a veggie spread (tomatoes, mushies, snap peas, carrots and broccoli) with several hummus choices. I'm making a fresh guacamole (and providing chips, because the 25 people coming are NOT paleo... But I bought really nice corn tortilla chips without added junk). I have paleo macaroons for dessert! Also, as a treat, I'm making Chris oatmeal cookies (his favorite). I want to provide people with snacks at a party, but try not to provide any crazy, junky, preservative/chemical-laden fat bombs!! I go for tasty, but fresh and simple.

So I'm off to finish doing all that, just took a break for lunch, blogging and kitty snuggles!


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