Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Inflammation, Winter walk

So, I am still struggling with my weight. Like Karen said in the comments on a previous post, I'll be dealing with the consequences of eating off plan so much for a few weeks. There is definitely some digestive issues, inflammation and bloating, even though I've been eating really well since last Friday. I am young enough, and will bounce back, but I do notice that every year, it takes a little bit longer.

I will probably get to a point in my life when the little indulgences aren't worth it anymore. As it is, silly day to day or purposeless indulgences aren't worth it anymore (Like sharing a bowl of chips with friends during the week, having a beer just because I had a hard day, stuff like that) Big celebrations, like New Year's Eve, still are worth it to me. We all have to make those type of decisions for ourselves. And it all depends on our own bodies, our own reactions to certain foods, certain situations, our age, our overall health, etc.

But, for now I am just going to keep on keeping on. Going to do what I know is right for my body and myself.

I am currently outside on my break at work, walking, even though it is cold and snowing outside! (I can post a blog while I do this, because of my voice to text feature on my phone :D)

Obviously, I am the only one at work outside walking right now. I just can walk so much faster and so much farther when I'm outside, rather than in the parking garage or in the office building, so I decided to brave the elements. It actually isn't so bad. Not too much snow on the ground, just a dusting. And, as you can see by my photo, I am all bundled up :)

Just wanted to check in for the day, let you all know that there are, in fact, consequences to our actions, Ha ha ha. But that I am dealing with them, and still, overall, I am leading a really healthy and active life!

Namaste <3

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