Saturday, January 31, 2015

NOT going to the Souper Fry Bowl!

It's the weekend and I'm pretty excited, I slept in this morning (till 7:30, which feels AMAZING to me! I got to wake up when the sun was up!) and will have a quiet day today. Chris took Koda hiking (a 17 mile hike.. And it's going to be something like 1° out where he's hiking, which is sort of a dealbreaker for me. I prefer to hike in at least 15 to 25° in the winter, otherwise I can't even take my gloves off to eat and it can get really uncomfortable really fast).

I plan to do yoga, catch up on a show I missed, buy some dog food and dive back into my dissertation (I took a frustration break haha).

Tomorrow we are going skiing! Cheap lift tickets PLUS it is Super Bowl Sunday, which I have less than no interest in, but a lot of people do, so the ski mountains tend to be a little quieter during the Super Bowl :) I will take advantage of open slopes and shorter lines!

Super Bowl Sunday is also a big gorge fest, which is not something I want to participate in at all. My friend is hosting a huge Super Bowl party, maybe 30 people are going at this point!, but it is called the Souper Fry Bowl Party.... Hahaha. Everyone is supposed to bring a dish that is either 1) Soup 2) Fries and assorted dipping sauces 3) Typical football food like wings.

I made the (not hard at all) decision not to go. It is a party that is more about the food and eating than about the Super Bowl, even. So even though I love all the people that are going, and would love to hang out with them, it's just not the right environment for me right now. And, I had a really, really, really social January. I did a lot of things with a lot of my favorite people in the world. I feel satiated! Time to ski :)

I struggled a lot with my food in January. And I'm weighing in at 126 right now, still, even after a week of getting completely back to normal. A party whose main focus is food (and the delighted, gluttonous consumption of it!) isn't right. I'm not confident I would make the best decisions.

Chris and I usually go either hiking or skiing on Super Bowl Sunday, anyway. It is one social event that we don't really get excited about or want to participate in. I sometimes feel weird telling my friends I'm not going to their party, but what are you going to do?

Hopefully after a week, weekend, and many more weeks and weekends in the future, of sticking to my Paleo template and other healthy behaviors, my weight will normalize. I think my body is going to take some time to heal from all the crap I put into it in January.

Hope you all have a great weekend! And for those of you that love the Super Bowl,  enjoy and don't binge on fried food!!! ;)

I'll leave you with a couple pictures:

Sunset last night-

Beautiful hawk in the parking garage at my work taking shelter from a snowstorm-

My sleepy family-


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