Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Call for Blogs

Ok - I've accepted that blogger deleted my listed of blogs I read, so I don't see them on my homepage anymore. Unfortunately, the list of blogs I read now vs. the list on the sidebar of MY blog didn't match anymore (list on my blog is kind of old, lots of those blogs went inactive).

So I'm doing a clean wipe. Starting fresh!

So if you read here and have a blog (or read a really great blog you think I should be reading), leave me the full URL in my comments, and I will add it to feedly! (some of my dear blogging friends like Kelly and Gwen need not do this, I know your URLs by heart!)

And as a side note, since I am publishing this anyway, I am down a pound today, finally! I'm at 125 though, but that's still closer to my goal than yesterday. Not counting calories, getting obsessive or restrictive, just fueling my body with great stuff and staying active (hitting 10k steps a day, yoga in the mornings :) ).


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