Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fighting a lazy day

So Chris went on another hike that wasn't ideal for me or Koda (he's hiking some of the hardest mountains in the Adirondacks right now as he pursues being a winter 46er... I did many of the more moderate winter hikes with him, but 17 miles on one of the most rugged mountains in the state? Not my idea of a nice time! I'm not as passionate about winter hiking as he is.).

He left in the wee hours of the morning and I slept in (hahaha, if you can call 7:30 AM sleeping in!). I went downstairs to this sight, a very sleepy puppy:

And since he wasn't begging to go for a walk, I decided to enjoy a very lazy morning. I drink water and played Lumosity, then slowly sipped on my mostly flax milk and a little bit of coffee drink (cutting back on caffeine), did some easy yoga stretches, ate breakfast and watched Chopped.

It was heavenly compared to my rush rush rush mornings this week

I could've luxuriated in the laziness all day long. Not leaving the house for even a second appealed to me briefly.

But I knew I couldn't just chill out all day :-) I went to Target and then the grocery store to pick up some needed items/food. Then I took Koda on his walk.

The weather was gorgeous!! I wasn't freezing, the sun was shining and the snow was melting (finally!). I can feel spring around the corner!

Aren't I stylish??? ;)

We went to the pond today. We don't spend much time there in the winter, because they don't clear the trails, but the snow was packed down enough for us to take a loop around today.

I'm glad I got out! It's important not to give into my laziness, and I do have a very lazy aspect of my personality. It's a characteristic of mine of had to fight in the past decade, realizing I'll never be healthy or successful if I give in to the laziness too much.

But a few hours to enjoy a slow weekend morning and be lazy?? Perfect! But the morning is over and my errands are done, now it's time for schoolwork :)

I've been staying really active this week, utilizing my breaks at work to get my steps in:

Now, I am debating what to do tomorrow. A friend of mine is having a get together for lunch for his birthday, but it is at a barbecue restaurant where there is absolutely not one single choice that is appropriate for me. It is a place that is about indulgence- salty meats, fried foods, cheese, etc. I really don't want to go and not eat, I don't want to go and eat something that isn't good for me, and I don't want to snub my friend.

Haven't decided what to do yet - I'll work out some sort of situation. They do have ONE menu item (a small salad meant as a side dish with lettuce and tomatoes .. Haha not something I want to pay for) that isn't fried/drenched in oil and salt/covered in cheese. I might end up going and not eating, even if it makes me a weirdo! I'll see :)

Edited to update: the decision was made for me - my cousin asked me to go help clear out some things of my Grandmother's right when the birthday lunch would be. I do have to prioritize helping family over a meal out with friends, in the end.

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