Saturday, February 7, 2015

How Saturday Went

Started the morning off with another no-sleep in (6:50 this time!) but made up for it by laying around in bed while Chris left, reading blogs on my phone :-) No jumping out of bed to start my day before 7 AM!

We eventually got motivated, and made ourselves a really lovely breakfast:

And, after a lot of exasperated sighs from Koda, hit a local hike around 10 AM (he is used to either being walked by 7 AM or going for a big weekend hike for Chris around 4 AM, hahaha, he is not used to lazing around). It was a nice hike- it was softly snowing the entire time, was very quiet, and we got to enjoy pretty winter woods. Snowshoes were required, as the trail was not very well broken out.

The views where obscured by the small snowstorm, so I don't have any big pretty pictures to show :-)

The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning the house for Chris and working on my dissertation for me. It was actually pretty relaxing.

We had a party to attend that we were invited to in the evening. A lot of people we hadn't seen in a while we're going to be there, so I really wanted to go. However, it was a fondue party.



Absurd amounts of things to dip in them.

Our strategy? 

1. Eat a great, nutritious dinner before going (sausage, rutabaga and salad)

2. Bring decaf tea to keep my hands busy  (no alcohol for me!!)

3. Arrive slightly late so as to miss the initial excitement of party food that inevitably happens shortly after things like that get set up

How did it go? Really well!

I didn't have any grains or cheese! I ate the veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts) for dipping with no dip :) I did eat some strawberries and marshmallows dipped in chocolate, and apples dipped in caramel, though... It was awesome! Really tasty, and not a bad end to the day since we ate really well and kind of light earlier.

But without focusing on food, I was able to enjoy the party and had a lot of fun catching up with my friends. Someone brought cardboard cutout accessories, so we obviously had a bunch of fun with those:

Haha :)

I woke up early again today, sigh, is sleeping in not going to happen for me ever again?? Ah well, got our grocery shopping for the week done by 9 AM and now we're about to take the dog for a nice long walk.

Weight is stubbornly stuck over my goal of 123ish.. Anywhere from 2-4 lbs over (it fluctuates). Just going to keep on doing what I'm doing, focus on good nutrition, listening to hunger cues, staying active, etc! Things will be as they are meant to.


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