Tuesday, February 10, 2015


First, a little update as far as my health and weight goes. I am at 125 pounds as of this moment, nothing new there! But there has been the slightest of downward trends for the last few mornings, as I was a little bit higher before. So, I'm doing what I can to keep that downward trend going!

And, I officially don't have pregnancy to blame on my weight fluctuations this month. It's strange that that is a possibility now. I'm keeping an eye on my body in a very different way than I have ever before. Weight gain is now a possible sign of something in my body changing. So I was wondering if hormones were affecting me this month. But they weren't! So I'm just gonna continue taking care of myself and see what happens as far as my weight goes.

I'm also taking my temperature every morning, to get a good read on that pattern. It's strange, my temperature has read 96.1°! It seems quite low, but I'm healthy, so I'll just take that as my body being my quirky human body.

Everything else is going well. I'm getting my steps in every day, as usual. I'm still getting outside every day, as well :-) If it's actively snowing or raining, I stay in the parking garage, but the cold isn't going to keep me cooped up, no way. I love fresh air.


Food has been spot on, super nutritious! I haven't gone off plan in a long time now, February is going to be awesome, I can just feel it!

Which brings me to my thought of the day, momentum.

It is so much easier for me to wake up, drink a big glass of water, take my vitamins, do my yoga, and get my food set up for a healthy, clean, Paleo day, etc IF I did it the day before.

Every healthy action, every good day spurs another one.

Right now I have a couple weeks of great momentum behind me, which gives me a great sense of pride, believe in myself, and the desire to keep moving forward.

Here is a cool post about how momentum can be a really powerful force in our lives: http://zenhabits.net/momentum/

This is an excerpt that spoke to me:

"Let momentum move you

Take that first step in a direction of your own choosing, then with each bold statement, each strong stride, each clear-thinking choice let momentum joyously lift you higher and farther. Exceed your own expectations and strengthen your resolve to be who you were meant to be and nothing less. Don’t strive and stress – instead simplify and find success on your terms.

Let momentum ignite you

Once you feel it growing, let momentum fan the fire inside you – a fire that may have been burnt out or smoldering under the surface for a long time. Let yourself feel love and passion towards yourself, your life and everything you do then begin to recover, uncover or discover your true potential. If often leaps out of the flames."

I have to remember this feeling of momentum... because at times when maintaining my healthy habits feels too hard and I seem to be bogged down and completely unable to change? I just have to know that if I can make it one day where I return to my good, healthy habits, then the next day will be easier... and the next even easier. I can push my own self forward and I can get myself out of an unhealthy rut.

 Till next time, friends... Namaste <3

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