Sunday, February 1, 2015

Skiing- all day exercise! (Weight/food update too)

Now, skiing is not a great exercise for losing weight (too many prolonged rests on the lift to keep the heart rate up, and other than your quads, not a significant strength workout), but for getting overall strong and fit with good endurance? It's a great addition to my rotation of activities!

I love how my quads feel after a full day on the mountain (especially doing challenging trails) and how awesome it is to use my entire body to get safely down. A strong core and good balance are key... And every run strengthens both! My biceps end up getting a great workout from the traverses across flat parts, too!

My pedometer registered 6,000 steps from my day, too, because of all the walking from the lot, the lodge, etc. So that's nice!

Anyway- a great day (about 7 hours straight!) of activity with my husband on a GORGEOUS winter day. Definitely my idea of a lovely date <3 and quality time. Over the course if our relationship, he's gotten to see me learn to ski and become pretty decent at it! It's been fun and he's been a good partner for it.

Some pics from the day (we went to Bromley Mountain in Vermont, a smaller and more affordable family type mountain with a great vibe!):

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! We might be getting hit with a bunch of snow this week, so we'll see how many steps I can get in this week. And I hope to get my weight back down this week - Food has been great (and as usual, exercise is spot on), even when we went out to eat (thanks to a Christmas gift certificate!) and treated ourselves to dinner at the City Beer Hall:

I'll keep you updated!


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