Monday, February 23, 2015

Starting the week right

Happy start to the week, everyone!

I am in an inexplicably good mood - which is nice, since nothing in my life has changed, necessarily. Job is still unsatisfying, finances are a struggle, my car needs a bunch of repairs, I'm working 12.5 hours of overtime this week (going to be tired!), my dissertation is frustrating, my weight remains up, and it is just plain old hard to get everything done.

And, yet?

I feel pretty good!

Some level of acceptance for all the hard stuff? Natural ups and downs of mood? Who knows, but I am enjoying it while I can :)

I went to my niece's first birthday party yesterday in Providence, which was awesome. I cannot believe it had been a year already! She's such an awesome little person (generally very happy but can be very serious and intent about things... also has a pretty good sense of humor for a one year old :) ) and I was really happy to make the trip to see her. Chris' mom actually drove from a more eastern New York town to drive down to Providence with us, then stayed the night. It was good to have some quality time with her, too.

I'm pretty focused on getting through this week, with all the extra work hours. We are super, super prepped on awesome food. The fridge is full to bursting with vegetables! Chris is around this week and will doing a lot of the cooking, which is helpful. I'll be getting most of my activity in on my work breaks, then head home to try and get some words down on paper for school.

Planning is the key to my success here - making sure I have enough time to get everything done that NEEDS to be done and carving out a little time for relaxation at the end of the night. Making sure I am calm right before bed so I have a good night of sleep.

I will not be relying on cafeteria food or coffee to get me through this week :)

Just a little update on me, I will catch up on blogs I missed this weekend over the next day!


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