Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Celebration

Chris and I always do a little something for Valentine's Day... Sometimes we ski or hike, sometimes we take a day trip somewhere, sometimes have a dinner out. But we always get each other cards and small gifts. We're not big into over-celebrating holidays, but it's a nice time of year to sort of celebrate being in love :-)

Hehe... I'm tickled by the card I got him:

He got me a pretty card, flowers, a cute Adirondacks bear and chocolate covered strawberries!

I love chocolate covered strawberries, one of the better flavor combinations in this world!! It's a nice indulgence to have 2-3 and not over-do it, too. He knows me, that I like treats but NOT ones that are worth a whole day's calories!

Yesterday at work, my supervisor brought in cupcakes. I didn't have any. Our managers put cookies on everyone's desk, three beautiful cookies all wrapped up, as a gift for doing so well last month. It was harder to resist the cookies, because they were right in front of my face on my desk. At first, I put them in my drawer, thinking I would bring them home to Chris. But every time I opened my drawer, the temptation got more and more intense. I ended up putting the cookies on the shared food table with the cupcakes, for someone else to take them if they wanted.

I knew I would be having a sweet on Valentine's Day. I'm really dedicating myself to the idea that treats are not treats if you have them all the time. I have a new goal of not eating anything sweet at least four days a week. It's a good starting point to truly shake myself out of The habit of having dessert every day. It's not necessary.

Our meal out was breakfast (breakfast and lunch, for me. I never eat that much food for breakfast so I'm still pretty full even though it is well after my lunch time) at a cafe that serves local, organic, fresh foods.

I got a veggie omelet, gluten free toast, and shared a veggie hash with Chris:

Today was my first real "off Paleo" meal in weeks. It was a really tasty meal, too! It still was the quality of food that is important to me... Not processed, no chemicals/preservatives, and fresh! I enjoyed the bread and cheese, but it was one meal. Back to Paleo for the rest of the day and all the foreseeable days :)

My weight is still hanging around 125/126... My new normal? I don't want to try too hard to cut back on calories or up my exercise routine too much as I am more focused on just maintaining a fertile body right now. If I can have kids, I'd really like to! So I'm just keeping my actions focused on maintaining a healthy, strong body that is free of toxins. Weight has to be a less important priority.

Finished a morning off with a four mile city walk with Koda!

Next on the agenda after reading some blogs in bed is cleaning the fridge and working in my dissertation.

A nice Valentine's Day!!


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