Monday, March 23, 2015

2nd Post today: Got Riled Up by a New "Is Paleo Healthy?" Article

Here's the newest "Is Paleo Healthy?" article/debate:

Well, I can say for certain the anti-Paleo stance in this article is ridiculous. First of all, I will reiterate that most people following the Paleo diet today are not doing it under some misguided attempt to "eat like our ancestors" but rather to reduce inflammatory foods (such as processed foods and modern grains) in order to optimize health. This diet is awesome: no processed foods, focus on plant-based foods and high quality proteins. You get your complete nutrition needs met on the Paleo diet if you educate yourself.

But here's the kicker from the anti-Paleo stance:

"So does eating a largely plant-based diet. Research suggests that we can reduce risks for today’s diseases of affluence by eating more foods from plant sources and balancing calorie intake with expenditure. To the extent the paleo diet achieves these goals, it is a reasonable choice.

But food is so much more than bundles of nutrients. What we eat also nourishes us psychologically and culturally. So while a paleo diet isn’t necessarily bad, why bother? I’d be sad to miss all those delicious forbidden foods."

Wow. Just wow.

It's not a bad diet? But you've got the sads because you are missing out on delicious foods (like processed junk?)? That's kind of.... gross.

If people have found that following a Paleo-ish protocol helps them eat that largely plant based diet that helps them stay healthy and live well, what is the problem? Why take a stance against it at all? Let the people who enjoy eating this way eat this way and stop arguing against a perfectly healthy and reasonable way to eat.

I am tired of seeing these types of articles pop up now and again in the news, on Facebook, etc. It's ridiculous at this point. No one is forcing anyone in America to follow this diet, or any diet, it is all personal choice.

And I also disagree with the idea the author has that we will be sad/miss out on delicious foods. I eat really, really delicious food daily while eating Paleo. Sometimes I make really indulgent Paleo foods. And, occasionally, I veer from the Paleo template and eat something made of grains or even processed sugar. In the end, I don't get much more satisfaction (nutritionally, emotionally or socially) from eating Paleo or non-Paleo. My food is my fuel and I like for it to taste good, it doesn't have to get wrapped up in more than that. In fact, making food more important than that is probably the problem....

The takeaway I got from that was they they both agree it is a healthy way to eat. One of them just has a problem with giving up Standard American Diet treats.

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