Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Commitment - bringing lunch to work

I made that post a few days ago showing you my lunch Tupperware situation and I realize that I have religiously brought my lunch to work every day since the very first day I started last July!

I feel rather proud of that commitment - to my health and my finances :) 

No matter how busy we were, how late we got home, or if we were running low on groceries - we always were able to put together a satisfying (and mostly paleo!) lunch. This way of eating is important to me and it shows. I stuck true to my promises to myself and to this blog when I started this job - I wouldn't take the easy way out. I'd put the work in and make sure I was eating things that were good for and fueled my body.

I bring this up to let you guys out there know that it takes a decent amount of hard work and commitment (and a fair bit of pre-planning and reliance on good habits!) to live a healthy life-- especially if you have spent any significant amount of time mired in an unhealthy lifestyle.

I had spent ages 10-22 overweight or obese... And it wasn't till my 30s that I got focused on health (I lost weight in my 20s, but I wouldn't call myself healthy by any means). Now, at 33, I'm very set on this path.

I sometimes wish for the convenience of a bought lunch or the pleasure of a junky lunch (especially when I smell the pizza my coworkers bring into the office from the cafeteria or I smell the bacon smells that come up the stairs during breakfast time!)... But I haven't faltered when put to the test. I bring my cooler full of veggies, protein, fruit and nuts daily. It's not even a thought NOT to, it has become such an integral part of my routine. And I know that the food quality in the cafeteria is low, low, low - lots of chemicals and frozen foods, etc.

The only things I've bought from the cafeteria is coffee and hard boiled eggs, hhaha.

On Monday, Chris made a big batch of beef and turkey chili, so we are going to be able to have that for lunches for several days. Because we didn't have a need to have dinner that gave us leftovers last night, Tuesday, in order to have something for lunch on Wednesday, we just made ourselves eggs.

Breakfast for dinner, always a winner! We also had kale, sweet potatoes and avocado. My eggs were stuffed with onion, mushies and tomato:

I'm feeling a little off today - I got really hot and dizzy while doing my hair before work and had to sit down for a while. Not much I can do but keep monitoring myself and call the doctor if something really out of the ordinary happens. 

Not doing overtime tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it :) The extra money in the paycheck has been nice (and I've been banking all of it!) but I need a break, for sure.

That's all for now. Namaste <3

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