Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dinner Out

Dinner was awesome last night - it's been too long since I've sat down with another couple and socialized like that. I felt absolutely civilized, haha :) 

I also had curled my hair yesterday to enjoy getting dresses up/dolled up for a dinner out, another thing I miss:

We don't go out much because of finances (we actually had a gift certificate that covered most of the bill last night) so it was a particular treat! 

I had a hanger steak and kale salad that had pomegranate seeds in it - real tasty. And I split a peanut butter cheesecake slice with Chris. Totally off plan and indulgent and I loved every bite!!! No regrets :)

Back to normal today - cottage cheese and blueberries for breakfast, tuna over a spinach salad for lunch, veggie snacks and then we're picking up some fish for dinner (I think we're both craving fish right now).

Not much else to say right now - just wanted to let you know I had a lovely night where I got to feel like I wasn't as stressed as humanly possible :)

Back to the grind!!

Namaste <3

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