Monday, March 2, 2015

My Sunday, weight updates

Happy Monday to everyone! I am only doing five hours of overtime this week (one each day) so that will be a cake-walk, I will barely notice the extra hours compared to last week.

Sunday had a nice start, despite me waking up at 5 AM for no reason. I had the time to make Chris and I a nice breakfast before we walked the dog and started our Sunday grocery shopping - paleo banana pancakes and a bunch of my favorite things on the breakfast table to start the day!

The co-op shop went great - $50 and we are more than stocked up on produce for the week. A butternut squash soup is on the agenda, as well as a Brussels sprouts and bok choy stir fry. Looking forward to having nice dinners/lunches!

I spent the rest of the day at my Grandma's house with my family, clearing out the last bits of small items and seeing who wanted to take what furniture.

I ended up with her kitchen table, which I am thrilled about! First, it is a gorgeous pedestal table made of real wood. Second, I get to think of my Grandma every time I sit down to a meal :)

A friend came over to have a drink and chat in the evening (I did not partake of alcohol, instead enjoyed a new passion fruit seltzer!) and then I did some stretching and general body-weight exercises (push-ups, planks, squats, etc) while watching terrible reality TV.

It was a great Sunday for me. Definitely prepared me for a busy week where I try to fit in school work and social time around work!

My weight? Still 126. Hahaha. Well, at least I am consistent!

It's been a few weeks and so I have accepted that that is my weight now, not 122/123. I used to use getting to 125 as a sign of having to pull the reins a little tighter on my eating.

But I am eating great! I know it. I feel no shame for my choices as far as food and exercise and taking care of my body goes.

I don't feel that physical anxiety I used to feel when my weight would go up. And I take that as a great sign, that I AM recovering from some of the disordered thoughts that used to plague me. Weighing more than I wanted used to entail a lot of self-hatred, shame, restriction and over exercise. I have done nothing but care for my body and mind since my weight went up... and I am reaping the benefits, because I feel at peace and strong and healthy and happy :)

I definitely urge people in the process of losing weight right now to take the time to be kind to yourself and to get your thinking right- when I initially lost my weight, it wasn't done in a loving way. It was full of shame, disgust and self-loathing. It took a lot of work, post-weight loss, to undo the damage that I had done to my MIND and my sense of self-worth during the process.

Losing weight and getting healthy should be an act of self-love. Making the right decisions because you deserve to be healthy and you deserve to live well. Choosing good foods and choosing exercise and choosing to drink water, etc,... well, it shouldn't be a punishment. It should be something awesome you are doing for yourself because you are awesome.

Namaste, my friends <3

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