Monday, March 23, 2015

Naps? Not Great For Me

I have been fatigued beyond belief the last few days. I managed to get in my steps this weekend, going on walks with Chris and Koda and running errands in the morning, but I would crash by early afternoon and spend the rest of the day in bed. I really haven't felt anything quite like it!

So I gave in yesterday and took a nap around 1 PM yesterday, waking up sometime before 3. It felt great to sleep, but it didn't really help my energy levels - I was still tired and not up for much of anything (I usually clean my house and prep food when I am home on a weekend... I did nothing at all, Chris had to pitch in way more than usual).

However, when it was time for bed around 10 PM - because I wake up at 5:45 for work - I was wide, wide, wide awake. Nothing was putting me down.

So I am not functioning at my best today, working on about 5 hours of sleep. And add to that the general fatigue I've been struggling with anyway? Well, I'm pooped.

Only two and a half weeks left till my doctor's appointment. I'm so excited and nervous! I hope everything is alright and I hope my life gets to change drastically this year :) I didn't know I wanted this so much until it was so real.

Eating was also crazy this weekend. I cannot manage my hunger. It's pretty relentless! I gave in to some sweets cravings, too, which isn't ideal. I packed a really great lunch - turkey burger, sweet potatoes, coleslaw and beets, and a lentil, carrot and sausage soup. I want to keep it tight this week - really make sure I'm eating GOOD fuel, not junky calories!

Drinking a cup of green tea to substitute for my coffee today. I need some type of caffeine to keep awake right now!

Hope your Mondays aren't too tough, friends :)

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