Friday, March 27, 2015


A little theme of respite here.

First, I thankfully am having a moment of respite from nausea and other associated problems! Thank goodness. I'm not silly enough to think I am home free, but any day I feel like normal is a blessing. I had three days of being a complete zombie, who was disgusted by everything except grains, feeling dizzy and nauseous and absolutely exhausted. I am feeling like myself today! My energy levels are still lower than normal, but I am eating my usual foods and don't want to burst into tears because of how crappy I feel. Big plus :)

My second respite is a little break from normal life - work and housework and schoolwork. We are going to spend the weekend at our friend's cabin in the woods. There will be about a dozen people there and it looks like we will spent the weekend enjoying the local Maple Fest, cooking meals for each other, and just hanging out. We are bringing Koda because they have a huge, isolated property he can run free on, so he will be having an amazing weekend, himself!

I am bringing my book, which had been tossed to the side this week, and plan to finish it this weekend on a cozy couch by the big windows :)

I just need a break from my own mind, too. I'm still pretty worried about the ultrasound in a little less than two weeks. I just wish I could know right now. I keep hoping for the best, but I also don't want to fool myself that it's 100% guaranteed to mitigate my heartbreak if something is wrong. It will be nice to just be surrounded by friends for 48 hours straight. I need it.

My weight is holding pretty stable, just obeying hunger signals and giving in a little bit to cravings (I don't normally have real physical cravings... sometimes I absolutely crave fish so I know that it is time to buy some, etc. I know the difference between wanting and craving :) Craving is my body telling me it needs something. Wanting is me being childish and wanting chocolate rather than veggies, haha.).

So I am holding on, here! Doing the best I can to take care of my mental and physical state. It is working out pretty well, too. I know I am struggling, but generally, I feel okay. Of course, I'd rather be in bed than at work, but I'll get over that :)

Enjoy your weekend, friends, take care of yourselves <3

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