Monday, March 9, 2015

Stuffed Red Peppers - idea for next time

I wanted to get this down on the blog before I forgot - something I want to try next time I make stuffed peppers!

Well, first things first, we made tasty stuffed peppers last night - organic red peppers were on huge sale so I had to grab some! The filling was ground sausage, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. They were topped with a little flax meal. Big hit flavor-wise:

But, once again, they suffered from crumbly-ness! Because I really, really can't eat cheese (getting more and more intolerant of lactose every year), the stuffing ends up being pretty dry. So when you cut into the pepper, you lose a lot of the filling.

As we were eating last night, I thought it would be kind of awesome to go through the normal steps of making stuffed peppers, and then right before we put them in the oven to bake, we could top them with a raw egg that would, theoretically, cook to perfection ;) And hopefully, it would act as a binder and make them easier to eat.

So, just something I wanted to try next time. 

Sunday was good - definitely was tired, though. I don't sleep the greatest in hotels AND we were sharing a room with Koda, who was really good, but very gently tried to wake us up a little to early (it was really so sweet - just a wet nose pushed into my hand in the morning, haha... he gave up after a little while and went back to bed). Also, I did hike over 14 miles on Saturday!

So there was a lot of resting on Sunday, I finished reading Lyonesse by Jack Vance on Saturday and am almost halfway through Prince Lestat by Anne Rice now... I love reading for pleasure (rare when you are working on your dissertation)! We did manage to get in a few mile walk with Koda in the city, though. Everyone needed to stretch their legs so we didn't get stiff after the hike.

Working overtime again this week, and I am definitely going to have to prioritize sleep. I can feel the hours I have been losing here and there catching up with me.

No weigh in over the weekend, but probably tomorrow, just to check in and see what this ol' body of mine is up to :)

Have a great day <3

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