Saturday, March 21, 2015

Waiting for Spring!

My lazy day is going well! Laying around watching TV and planning to make some banana paleo ice cream with Chris in a little while :)

We went on a 5 mile walk down by the river... Spring is on it's way! We can't really walk down there in the winter because they don't clear the trail (so we head into the woods instead).

There are few things I love as much as watching Spring come to Albany. The season of rebirth is so beautiful and I can't help but feel joy as I watch the world wake up - green buds on the trees, the tulips starting to peek out of the earth (Albany is an old Dutch city and loves it's tulips!) and the birds coming back!

Nature is where my spirit gets full :)

A robin in that last photo!

Can NOT wait for my walks in the coming weeks. The days are warming and I'm ready for green green green living things!! I will be much more active then because I hate to be inside when it is so lovely out. I'm already at almost 12k steps for the day, though. Not bad!

Enjoy your weekend everyone <3

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