Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weighing in on weighing in :)

Though it will be for different reasons, I'm still going to check my weight, whatever might happen. If all goes well, I should be hitting around 130 around the end of April (first time in my life I've ever really hoped that I'll gain weight... because that means good things now!). Today I weighed in at 127, so doing well.

The plan moving forward is to weigh in less than usual, just to let myself focus on nutrition and not worry about weight, but to keep weighing in 2 - 3 times a week. I do want to stay on track with doctor recommendations (which seems to be to gain around 3 pounds in the first three months, then about a pound per week after... totaling 25-35 pounds). I want to make sure I'm not undereating or overeating for my body.

A girl in my office, a very normal weighted person, had to get taken out of work 3 months early when she was pregnant and put on bed rest because of really bad gestational diabetes. She gained a lot of weight fast and ate a ton of carby stuff (she routinely had cereal in the morning, a bagel and some sort of snack bar for a snack, and pasta for lunch.. she is in a cubicle across from mine, so I was aware of what she was eating - mostly because I am a freak who can't stand the sound of people chewing so I have to put on headphones when an office-mate eats, haha). Anyway, it was kind of scary and she had a tough delivery.

Seeing something like that makes me determined not to over-eat or eat junk at this point. I want this potential little life to have the best nutrition and start it can. Quality of food seems even more important, now, too. I am really focused on getting chemicals/hormones/antibiotics/preservatives out of my diet.

I'm only talking about this because my blog is a health and wellness and weight-maintenance blog. In general, during my hour-to-hour normal life, I just try not to think about it. Because I have created such good habits for my physical health, it's really a non-issue. Just continue to do what I've always done.... just with a sense that it is ever more important, now :)

Not thinking about it is the status-quo for me, though. I need to get confirmation that all is well at my doctor's appointment in a few weeks before I really let myself believe this is all going to happen!

I tend to be negative and a worrier and to expect the worst. So if I just don't think on it too much, then I won't get myself all worked up. Focusing on my dissertation, getting the floors renovated at home, spending time with my family (husband and pets!), and prepping for the many weddings/bridal showers/bachelorette parties coming up.

So that's where I am - in a good place, doing what I can to mitigate the craziness that is my mind, and trying to enjoy each day! I am going over to a friend's house after I finish up a little schoolwork tonight to watch the premiere of Community, so I am looking forward to a fun evening.

Have a great day, friends!

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