Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Back to Veggies - kind of!

Feeling rested after my mini-vacation. That was so, so needed! Also had my interview for my promotion this morning, and it went well. There are five spots for promotion and I think they interviewed over 20 people. But I think I have a good shot. Send good vibes to those supervisors for me :)

I ate whatever sounded good on vacation - I had lots of different and indulgent foods. Ice cream, clam chowder, twice I ordered grilled chicken sandwiches out (I'm in love with chicken sandwiches right now), one morning I ordered an omelet with toast and fresh fruit and another morning I had scrambled eggs with oatmeal and toast, Chris' aunt made us lobster and quinoa salad that was AWESOME, as well as a ham and bean soup one night, and I bought a Portuguese fried dough in Provincetown :)

So lots of good and lots of not-the-best choices.

I definitely put on weight, but am not weighing myself. I am starting to feel better - more energy, less revulsion to "healthy" food. So I toned down the grains at home. I have a big batch of beef and turkey chili with veggies for lunches and I even packed and ate baby carrots for a snack. A couple weeks ago, raw vegetables not hidden in something were a huge no-go. But my stomach is much more settled.

So the focus is slowly going to shift towards more veggies and away from grain-foods (though I still am keeping oatmeal, pretzels and bread as options - sometimes they are still the only things that seem appetizing and settle my stomach). As soon as my body is on board with it, I want to get back to how I used to feel - energetic and healthy!

I'm a little bloated from the salt from eating several meals out over the little vacation - I've been desperately thirsty so at least I am getting my water down :)

That's all for me right now. Plugging along, figuring all this out as it comes, doing what I can and trying to be forgiving of what I can't!

It's not easy and I'm not always happy with how things are going... but one thing I've learned from the crappy things that have happened over my life is that, life isn't stagnant. Even if I don't like how things are going or am feeling down, if I keep moving forward, things will change in SOME way. And you got to always look forward to those changes and hope for the best :)

I hope I remember to get my whale pictures off of my computer and show them to you soon - we had such a blast.

Namaste, friends <3 I'm still catching up on blogs!

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