Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hike -> Nap

After a lovely WARM morning here, lazing around and making breakfast, we did some yard cleanup, got some grass seed and mulch down and finally went for a hike!

It was a short 3-mile local one but really lovely. We had never been there before, so was nice to see some new forest.

Chris took a picture of me and showed it to me later to prove I don't look AS different as I feel (I feel like I'm as big as I've ever been!). And I had to agree- I look pretty normal :) Only Chris can really tell I'm pregnant (um, my breasts are huge compared to what I used to have!).

But the little hike wiped me out - it had a few spots of significant climbing - and I went down for a nap at 3 PM :)

I ate two plates of dinner - Chris made a sweet potato hash with ground turkey and very little seasoning. I'm still pretty grossed out by most spices right now. Very much preferring simple, almost bland food. Very strange for me!

Tomorrow is final clean up at my Grandna's and a GoT BBQ party (i'm bringing coconut macaroons and some marinated shrimp!).


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