Monday, April 6, 2015

My Weekend - doing what I can and accepting it!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, if you celebrate anything or not!, I enjoyed some time with my uncle and his family (he has three grown kids and they have their own kids, so it is a nice full house). They gave me and Chris an Easter basket, so I ate way more candy than I should have. The sugar rush felt amazing and made me feel like a normal person for little while. The crash was unpleasant, though!

Things are pretty much status-quo with me: low-level but constant nausea, fatigue, and a complete grain addiction. It's only when I am eating and for a short time afterwards that I feel alright!

Last night's dinner was a pork chop, half a roasted eggplant, and cantaloupe. Haha. No judgements, but it was what I was craving. And it wasn't bread, so that's a big plus. Working on getting my vegetables in (turns out I wasn't really feeling the asparagus and gave that a pass). Tonight we are going to do lettuce wrap tacos with avocado and tomatoes.

I have a lot more respect for pregnant women after only two months of being pregnant. I simply don't feel like myself at all. Eating and sleeping is pretty much all that is important to me the past few weeks. I, at times, feel like a complete loser as I see Chris doing things (he recently took a hunter's safety course so hopefully we will be eating venison this year!), going out to see friends, and stuff like that. I much prefer staying in bed with the cat!

But, I know logically and I know from all the advice you guys have given me, that this will pass! So I am working on just accepting what is happening right now. I am doing what I can, but I accept what I can't do.

My ultrasound is this week. I don't know that I will post much before it, because I already cannot stop thinking about it and all the possibilities!

I also have my brother's engagement party this weekend, so that is a happy celebration to look forward to :)

Peace, my friends, I wish you all a beautiful day <3

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