Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No April Fools - veggies make me sick!! (advice?)

Did a weigh in for the first time in several days - my weight is up to 129. I had hoped not to break 130 in the first three months, but....

Wow. I am struggling. The mere smell of vegetables cooking is enough to make me gag. I barely can choke down my previously beloved roasted beets for lunch every day. I even cannot stand the taste/smell/texture of sweet potatoes. SWEET POTATOES. I live on those. I was bringing snap peas as a snack, and those were one of the first things to disgust me. Raw or cooked, I am having a lot of trouble finding any vegetable appetizing. Chris made a lentil/carrot  soup several days ago and I got so revolted by it, even the thought of lentils make me queasy (even right now, ha).

I'm forcing myself to eat veggies, though - I have broccoli and beets for lunch today and I'm trying to eat salads at dinner. I know how important it is for me to get in several servings of veg every day for nutrition, especially during this time, but it is so, so hard. The other foods I am eating are high calorie/carb/sugar and I know that isn't ideal.

I am literally repelled by them, they can bring me to tears!

So, yeah. Proteins are fine - eating a lot of turkey, chicken, and eggs. Sticking with my lactose cottage cheese in the morning with blueberries. Fruit has been okay (though I nearly got sick eating a banana last night).

I really, REALLY, really wanted to stay on my 95% paleo diet during this time. It's done so much awesome stuff for my body - high energy, low inflammation, easy weight maintenance. But I've been struggling.

I bought some gluten-free bread that I've been using with either sunflower seed butter, butter or strawberry preserves. And yesterday, I broke down and bought some pretzels. I would almost have killed someone for a pretzel, I wanted them so bad.

Someone commented (Vickie?) that morning sickness was exacerbated by grains and sugars, like fruit juice, even though that is what most pregnant women seem to crave/rely on. The sugars in those foods spike the blood sugar, and the crash causes more severe nausea. I tried to keep that advice in mind, tried to stick it out with my normal food template, but I was weak and so tired of feeling nauseous and disgusted by my food. The pretzels and bread made me feel normal for a while and it was just plain old nice to eat something without gagging, haha.

So I am at a bit of a loss what to do. I want to give my body all the nutrition I WAS getting previously, but it's been harder than I thought (the nausea can land me in bed for hours at a time in a dark room).

But this won't last forever. If things go well, by month 4 I might be past this stage and can resume normal eating?

Any advice would be welcome - any suggestions how to maintain a more paleo and whole food template during this time? And no, I am not going to eat only proteins :) I want to try and get in a well-rounded nutritional profile and find some food that is edible to me and ditch the bread!

Thanks for any help. Have a great day <3

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